Fashion Tips And Style Advice For Women

So you are the woman with generous curves and always find it difficult to choose a good dress for your body. Thehfkujk good news is that you can find clothes that are fashionable with some special fashion tricks and that could suit your body, style and personality.

Always feel special and good about yourself. Once you are shining in the inside, the clothing will remain a practical question. Your goal should be what fashion is the right concern, searching for clothes that fit you properly and make the most of your curves, accented with eye-catching accessories. Always feel awesome under your own skin, flaunt your curves instead of hiding them. Build a wardrobe that works for YOU – your body figure, coloring, lifestyle and personal taste.

Let me leave a small menu of fashion tips for women :

Color : The women with the generous curves often think that black is the only option for them but it’s not true. Go for the colors whatever you like, the dark colors can create slimming effect in your body and make your wardrobe interesting from boring. Wearing the whole outfit in one color is also a good choice.

Fabric : Finding the right fabric will make all the difference. Neither choose the fabric that makes you look bulkier nor the skinny tight, this idea is great help.

Right Print : Stick to smaller prints than bigger one’s, this will create the illusion of having a better shape. The cut should also be non fussy to create clean lines.

Jeans and Heels: So ladies, just buy a cowboy jeans, choose the darker tones and the challenge cut, leaving the hem touching the top of your feet; this simple trick will make you look thinner. The sandals and heels are excellent allies to reduce your measurements.

Tunics and leggings: Curvy women look best when they wear leggings underneath tunics. Wearing long top hit below the hips is the safe styling choice.

Most essential tips:

Necklines: The chubby women have breasts and a nice neck; take advantage of such a shape to look good. Find a dress that has attractive neckline or buy a dress that fit well across the breasts.

Thicker Waistline: Wearing the dresses with draped waistline or buying empire style dresses tends to make the waist and tummy are look smaller than it is.

Legs : Over sized women have good legs . Wearing a nicely fitted short skirts or dresses with a draped waistline make you feel good . You can also wear a pencil skirt.

The Do Nots Of Purchasing Womens Jeans

A woman’s wardrobe without jeans really looks out of sync and boring. This garment is a complete must have in a woman’s collection. Some women find it a challenge when it comes to shopping for jeans. They go through the ordeal of trying on many pairs before they find the one that is perfect. And even then sometimes women have to go back home empty-handed because they didn’t manage to find a good fit. Many other times they just pick up and are forced to wear something that is nowhere close to a good fit. These days with the office environment getting a casual vibe, many women opt to wear jeans to their workplace as it is very comfortable. Finding a good pair becomes difficult when these common mistakes are committed.

Reading only the label

Concentrating on the label of the product rather than trying out to check for a good fit is a huge mistake. That said, the label is a good source of information telling you about the size, style and even if the jeans is straight or boot cut however this information varies from one manufacturer to the other. It is very common that you find you are a size 8 in one brand but 10 in another. This is why it is essential you try out your jeans before you decide on purchasing it.

The color versatility

You need to choose the color of your jeans smartly. You purchase needs to be based on the occasion you are going to wear your jeans. Jeans with a lighter wash is ideal for a night out or when you need a business but casual look. Darker jeans have a polished look and are good choices for office. Darker pairs give you a fitter appearance in comparison to lighter colors.

Mom’s jeans make you look older

Yes, when you wear your mom’s jeans you do not look your age. You mom’s older jeans may be taper legged, light washed and high-waist and are not in sync with your generation. It is true though that most women prefer wearing these jeans because of the perfect fit they give regardless of your shape. Choose a pair that is classic and one that suits your body.

Daughter’s jeans isn’t yours

This is a huge mistake because it shows that you do not recognize your identity. The fact is wearing a garment designed for a youngster only makes you look older. So look for something your age and flaunt yourself.

Distressed jeans causes distress

What women do not understand is that the distressed part of the jeans attracts a lot of attention and makes that area look seemingly bigger than it is. There is a lot of emphasis given to the part where the bleached or faded spots occur and so it is not ideal to be wearing these distressed jeans if you intend to get a flattering look.

The Internet For Boys Clothing

When it comes to Boys Clothing, there are some wonderful finds, right here on the Internet. The Internet has long been known as the best source to shop, and this year is no different, with the exception that there are many more vendors online and the parent has a wonderful variety of online storefronts to shop. For many parents it would be quite difficult to keep the child up with the current trends if it were not for the Internet.

The trends in today’s styles include many different types of clothing, which includes Christian Clothing. Boys clothing is often much more difficult to shop for because, unlike girl clothing that most often is attractive to both parents, the clothing that boys like, such as, the cross bones and skulls are not always a style that parents are comfortable with. This is a great benefit of the Christian clothing, as it is not only appropriate, it is stylish and comfortable and many young children enjoy leaning towards the Christian clothing when it comes to their wardrobe.

Boys Clothing Tips

Online is a great place to find both casual and classical boys clothing. Oxford shirts, sweaters and vests are all popular choices for boys, just as, the jeans and t-shirts. When you shop, you want to shop for the season so that you are assured the comfort of your child. Also, many parents are on a tight budget, so it is best to plan the wardrobe prior to shopping.
Boys often like to have clothing like “dad”, as well, so you may find your young man wanting a few styles such as corduroy pieces that he sees his father in. Fabric and cuts are essential and something that the parent should definitely pay attention to.

The boys clothing should be tough and durable and not just stylish. Many families hand their children’s clothing down to a younger sibling or friend of the family and you definitely want items that stand the test of time.

For jeans, basic colors are blue and black and the child should have both in their wardrobe. Khaki pants are a good choice for special occasions, such as, Sunday church or an evening out.

Most boy shoes consist of tennis shoes, which is a good choice, as they are not only stylish they are durable. However, do not overlook a nice pair of boots for your young child, as well. Sandals for the summer are a must, just as rain boots for the winter are also necessary.

There are many great styles in shirts from funny cartoons to bible verses and so on. Boys definitely will have a wide selection in colors and styles and shirts that have spirit, which is what many boys look for.
Whether you are in need of a new pair of jeans or shirt for your child or planning their seasonal wardrobe, the Internet will definitely provide the selection and value, as well as, quality that make a difference in your shopping experience.

Womens Clothing Tips to Look Slimmer

Every woman wants to show off her best features and minimize those not-so-flattering ones. She wants to look slimmer than her actual size. She adopts various techniques to look thinner. A lot of women go on crash diets, while there are others who stick to rigorous workout regimens. But despite their efforts at gym and their crash diets, they are never satisfied with the outcome. They wonder whether they will actually look good in their favorite dress. They spend hours in front of a mirror hoping that it shows a drop in the flab. Well if you are one of those women who are tired of dieting and exercising, here are few tips on how to look make you look thinner

The golden rule to look slimmer is to always wear clothes that suit your body type.

If you want to make your waistline appear thinner, you can choose tunics or dresses that come with a thin belt. You should never wear big belts as they look fat.

You should always emphasize your best features. It keeps away any unwanted attention from the problematic areas of your body and makes you look slimmer.

For women who are heavy on top, darker colored dresses is the safest bet. You should look for thin fabric like cotton. You should choose one-color clothing to look slim. You can wear black skirt with black t-shirt or blouse.

Women who have got well shaped legs, you should choose knee length skirt with a t-shirt.

You can also choose one-piece dress. It not only looks pretty but also sleeker.

You don’t need to regular black color to look slimmer. You can choose a monochromatic dress. Colors like blues, browns, bottle greens look really fashionable and also makes you look sleeker.

Stay away from shiny material in bold colors. They make you look fat.

You should never wear too loose clothes as they look very clumsy. You should choose dresses that fit you perfectly. There is a common misconception that wearing smaller clothes than your regular size will make you look slimmer. You should not wear too tight clothes as it makes them look fat.

You should avoid wearing clothes with large prints. It makes you look heavy. Go for subtle patters. You can choose dresses with vertical lined prints. It makes you look sleeker and taller. Stay away from clothes with horizontal lined prints as it makes you look bulky.

How I Became An Expert on Clothing

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5 Uses For Clothes
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Lessons Learned from Years with Clothing
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Comfort is cool as flat shoes cut it in the fashion stakes

When actress Emma Thompson walked shoeless on to the stage at the Golden Globes, she confirmed what the rest of us have known for a while. Comfy shoes make sense. Clutching her Christian Louboutin heels in one hand – and a martini in the other – she joked that their trademark red soles were stained with her blood. “I’ve taken my heels off as a feminist statement really, because why do we wear them? They’re so painful. And pointless, really.”

With brogues and ballet shoes filling the fashion pages and shops, financial investors have started to take notice. Comfortable shoe brand Hotter, which started life as a slipper manufacturer, has just changed hands for £200m, while the Griggs family, which owned the Dr Martens brand for 50 years, has sold up to private equity giant Permira for £300m.

Flat shoes are selling well on the high street, with more than three-fifths of women polled on their shoe shopping habits by Mintel confessing to having bought a pair in the past 12 months.

“Under-35s are willing to sacrifice fit for fashion,” said Mintel fashion analyst Tamara Sender. “By contrast, over-55s place the most importance on well-fitting shoes. Overall, three-quarters of consumers favoured fit over fashion.”

Alexa Chung is credited with making flat shoes fashionable as, amid a sea of stoic women in skyscraper Jimmy Choos, she regularly pads up the red carpet in her Oxford lace-ups. But a change in attitude was signalled by the catwalk front rows last year when some of the industry’s most influential players turned up to fashion week shod in flats. The signal that comfortable is OK was further affirmed last week, when Karl Lagerfeld sent models down the Chanel runway in sparkly couture trainers.

Lorna Hall, head of retail at trend consultancy WGSN, said that popular shoe styles are a reflection of the clothing that is in the shops. “The reason flat shoes are selling so well is that they go with the androgynous silhouette that is fashionable at the moment,” she said. “Heels look good with dresses, but brogues and flats help you carry off slim-leg trousers and oversized jacket shapes.”

Earlier this month, Dr Martens reported bumper Christmas sales, up nearly 70% in December. The brand, famous for its close ties to music and subculture, manages to hit both fashion and comfort buttons at the same time. It has benefited from the patronage of Miley Cyrus, who has made its rubber air-cushioned soles her boot of choice, while design collaborations with the likes of model Agyness Deyn have helped it appeal to a new young audience.

With a goal to make “shoes as comfortable as slippers”, Lancashire-based Hotter may sound like the antithesis of fashion, but the firm is now big business. Each year it sells more than two million pairs of shoes whose USP is a sole featuring thousands of air bubbles, and sales hit £75m in 2013.

“We want people to put our shoes on and have that ‘aah’ moment,” said its chief executive, Peter Taylor.

Hotter’s target market of over-45s is proving lucrative against a backdrop of ageing populations. “We are not in the sexiest area of the marketplace, but in demographic terms it is an area that is growing,” said Taylor. “Once you get over 40, your feet do start changing shape. It’s a balancing act, but there’s no reason why you can’t have comfort and style.”

Independent footwear chain Shoon is also targeting growth in this specialist area. It has been bought by entrepreneurs Ken Bartle and Peter Phillips, who previously revived the fortunes of high street chain Jones the Bootmaker.

“It is very difficult to design a pointed three-inch heel that is really comfortable,” said Bartle. “What is comfortable, though, is nice leather. Comfort doesn’t have to be ugly.”